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Our quick reference online betting guide is designed to take you through the ins and outs of online sports betting, how to find the best places to play, how to get the best out of your sessions and if you’re interested, a little look at the history of betting! If not, just skip down to the good stuff, we won’t mind!

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For everything you need to know about online betting including:

  • What is online betting?
  • A brief history of online betting
  • Where to play
  • What to look for
  • Getting started
  • Top tips for the best online betting experience

What is online betting?

Online sports betting is a popular form of gambling. It involves placing a bet on the outcome or results of a sporting event. The online bookmaker will display specific odds for the available outcomes, and the player decides how much they wish to stake with the aim of taking home a profit. Or on the flip side, if you lose, then you lose your stake or wager.

Online betting on the outcome of sports is something that has grown in popularity exponentially since the invention of the internet and the emergence of online gambling venues. The convenience and access to a variety of different sports mean that gambling fans can have the latest sports and odds at their fingertips without ever having to set foot out of the door.

First off, we are going to take you through a brief history of online betting, where it all began and how it got to be the multi-billion-dollar industry it is today.

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Sports betting has been around forever! As soon as early man realised it was fun to lob great rocks as far as he can, he was willing to bet his cave on being the best at it. Ok, so we have no idea if that’s true or not, but we can be sure that betting on the outcome of sporting events is as old as the sports themselves!

The actual first evidence of sports betting occurred over 2000 years ago. The good old Greeks who we can thank for a lot of life’s sporting events, including the Olympics loved a bit of sports betting. Betting on athletic competitions soon spread to ancient Rome where it was eventually legalised.

Imagine being in the amphitheatre, eyeing up the Russell Crowe hopefuls and eventually choosing your favourite gladiator to bet on! What a day out that must have been!

Even when gladiator games were eventually stopped, gambling sill continued into other sporting events and also began to spread to other kingdoms. Sports betting has seen a tumultuous history with many countries and leaders creating laws that forbid their citizens from taking part. But where there’s a will, there’s always a way, and it only continued underground.

Popularity continued to spread and later on in England, it became a widespread practice on horse racing. Fast forward to the present day and Europe has one of the biggest sports betting markets in the world. Mobile technology has only seen it grow in popularity more.

Why is it so popular?

The sheer number of sporting events taking place around the world and the limitations on accessibility mean that visiting your favourite online betting site can open up a whole world of events where you wouldn’t have otherwise had access.

Additionally, the cost and inconvenience of travelling to a high street bookmaker are far outweighed by the speed and simplicity of gambling online. It’s cheaper, more accessible and thanks to legislative bodies such as the UK Gambling Commission safe and regulated.

Thanks to huge leaps forward in mobile technology, gambling fans even have the ability to place bets on their smartphone devices. It has never been easier or more convenient to play. Plus the introduction of multiple online payment methods such as Neteller, Paysafe Card and Zimpler means it’s safe and secure to deposit into your account online as well as receive hassle-free withdrawals quicky to your chosen account.

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There are multiple different online betting sites where you can take part in live sports betting on a wide range of sporting events. Many of the biggest brands actually have their roots laid firmly in the high street. These prove popular will regular gamblers looking for a reliable and trusted to brand to play online.

But don’t discount the sportsbooks that don’t have a high street presence. There is so much innovation coming through, some of the more recent brands have been able to start from scratch and create incredibly user-friendly, intuitive and exciting venues. With everything at your fingers tips from the most popular football matches right down to the most bizarre sports events! Plus the added excitement of in-play betting means you can watch and place bets online as the game or match unfolds in front of your eyes. It really adds to the drama and tension of watching your favourite sports, waiting for your team to score, which is why so many sports fans love to take part!

Be on the lookout

While gambling online is heavily regulated, there are a few sites that can slip through the net. They may not be regulated or are operating where it may be difficult or even impossible to prosecute them.

Be on the lookout for any telltale signs that all is not what it seems. Do some research on your chosen site, and it should bring up plenty of player feedback and reviews. Good or bad, it’s preferable to know what you are signing up to. Also, look for their relevant gambling licenses, secure payments and also player support that is readily available if you need to get in touch.

There are plenty of online betting sites with a proven record, so you should have a good variety of venues to choose from!

Make use of welcome offers

Most reputable sportsbook brands will offer a welcome bonus to try and incentivise players to sign up. With a minimum amount of effort on your part, you’ll uncover plenty of bespoke betting offers that have been created with sports betting in mind. They may take the form of a deposit match bonus or free bets.

Take a bit of time to look through the available offers carefully being sure to check and terms and conditions and wagering requirements before you play to avoid any disappointment or frustration later on.

What to look for

To help you choose the best place to play for your needs, we have devised a quick checklist of what to look for before you decide on a venue:

  • Is the site licensed and regulated?
  • Can you deposit in your chosen currency or with your preferred payment option?
  • Do they cover all of the sports you are looking for?
  • Do they have a mobile casino?
  • Are the minimum deposit/bet size and minimum cash-out amounts suited to your budget?
  • What are the odds like? Are they competitive?
  • Is in-play or live betting available at the site?
  • What are the bonuses or loyalty rewards like for sports betting?

Getting to grips with this information before you settle on a final venue can save a lot of hassle and frustration down the line, so it’s worth taking your time over.

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Once you have chosen a place to play, the next step is to register an account. You only have to do this once but make sure you keep your account details secure and use unique passwords to help protect your casino account from fraud.

The site will usually require you to provide information including your name, date of birth, contact number and email address. Often you’ll have to verify your account via email or phone, so the site knows you are opening a legitimate account.

Once set up, you can begin making a deposit so you can start placing bets. Most sites will offer a variety of different payment options, including multiple currencies and even cryptocurrencies. Different payment methods may have different deposit amounts and in some cases, fees may apply, so check the details thoroughly before you decide on one to use. Select your chosen option and how much you want to deposit, and in most cases, your funds will be your account straight away.

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Now you are ready to start betting! Your chosen site will usually display all of the available and upcoming sporting events that you can place wagers on and the latest odds they are offering for specific results. You should also be able to search by the sport or tournament you want if you have something specific in mind.

Once you have chosen, it will be added to your virtual betting slip where you can review the odds and place your bet. You’ll be asked to make your final confirmation at which point your funds will be deducted from your account. Now all that remains is to wait for the results to come in!

If you win, your winnings will be paid directly into your betting account almost instantly. You should also be able to withdraw these funds as long as you meet the minimum withdrawal requirements. If you lose, your wager will be winging it’s way into the casinos’ back pockets, unfortunately. Remember to only ever gamble with what you are comfortable with losing.

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Online betting might seem like a recipe for success, but things can go wrong. You may end up losing which let’s face it, nobody enjoys! In some cases, online gambling can become problematic with too much time or money spent at online betting sites. Gambling addiction is a real problem in Europe and across the world, but it can be avoided with the right advice and help.

If you have any concerns about your online gambling habits, please get in touch with one of the many organisations available who are experts in supporting and advising gambling addicts. These include Gamblers Anonymous and who can offer confidential assistance if you need help.

Top Tips

To ensure your online gambling remains a fun and positive experience, we have created a few tips to keep things in check.

  • We can never say this enough. Always set yourself a budget before you start playing. Most online gambling venues will even let you set account limits to stop you spending more than you feel comfortable with so make use of them to avoid getting into hot water!
  • Avoid scam sites claiming to offer no-lose betting strategies and betting tips. There is no such thing as a sure thing in the online gambling world!
  • Do your research and compare the best odds between sites. They will vary, so it’s worth shopping around to get the best odds for the sport even you are looking to place a bet on.
  • Check the terms and conditions. Read up on the terms of cashing out, withdrawal limits, times etc. Also if you have signed up to any bonus offers, check for any associated wagering requirements.
  • Try something new. How about checking out some other sporting events other than your go-to games? Try in-play betting for a bit of added tension! There is a whole world of sports out there waiting!
  • Make sure that wherever you choose to play online, it’s a reputable and licensed site with positive reviews.
  • Enjoy any winnings that you do get. Make sure you don’t pile it all back in, withdraw some and put it aside for a rainy day. It’s good to see something come out of your session rather than giving everything right back to the bookmaker!
  • If things don’t go your way every time, don’t chase your losses, be prepared to walk away when you have spent your allocated betting funds.
  • Always gamble responsibly and if you are concerned about your gambling, seek help.

So that’s it for our Online Betting Guide! If there’s anything we haven’t covered that you like to see, please feel free to get in touch. Alternatively, sign up to receive the latest updates.

Thanks for reading!

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